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Textile machines >> ◆Winding Machine >> YY-801 Automatic Cone to Cone Winder 全自动络筒机

YY-801 Automatic Cone to Cone Winder 全自动络筒机 


Automatic Cone to Cone Winding Machine /Cone Winder/Yarn Winder


Technical parameters

Number of spindles for each machine


Winding speed

1000 meters/minute (depend on technological parameters)

Maximum guide thread stroke

300 MM (can be adjusted via a computer)

Material changing mode

Automatic bobbin changing

Shaping mode

Double-cone type (shaping angle may be adjusted)

Anti-overlapping category

Computer control

Drive mode

Single-spindle control

Rated power


External dimension



- Servo motor drive can effectively control bobbin molding appearance and eliminate hard edges

  - The screen may show various parameters under different conditions of bobbin winding in a real time manner, such as winding length and bobbin diameter

  - Full-automation material receiving and bobbin changing mode as well as conveyer belts may send materials automatically.

  - Take multiple measures for machine faults, such as parameter anomalies, motor overspeed, out of stroke tolerance, and hardware fault.Equipped with a high-sensitivity automatic stop device at the position of broken yarn



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