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13-4 High speed braiding machine 



Product sample


High speed braiding machine

Application range

It is applied to producing a variety of spandex and non-spandex ropes and belts, like shoelace, cordages, strings, drawstrings, galloons, decorative and tensile ropes and belts,etc
Be applicable to produce all kinds of ropes, shoelace, elastic and inelastic tape, pull tape, cummerbund and so on with different design, size, color and structure.

1. Many-headed, can produce at least 2 ropes at the same time.
2. High speed, very high output.
3. Holes in spindles are porcelain, will not hurt the yarn during braiding.
4. Can braid ropes with wrap heart line.
5. Automatically stop when breaking lines.
6. Frequency conversion controlling system

Model list:48/1, 46/2,44/1,41/2,40/2,2/16, 2/21, 2/24, 2/25, 2/26, 2/29, 2/32, 2/33, 2/36, 4/9, 4/13, 4/16, 4/17



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